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Mavuradonha Mountains

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Suitable for: non-riders families

Mavuradonha Mountains

The stunningly beautiful wilderness area of the Mavuradonha Mountains are one of Zimbabwe’s hidden treasures, totally unpopulated since the Bushman and Monomatapa Empires, a little known area of pristine bush situated north of Harare. Due to the ruggedness and remoteness of the Mavuradonhas, there is only one road into the Wilderness and the only way to get around is on horseback or foot. You will feel you are truly away from it all and may never want to return home. All our safaris are extremely flexible with novice riders welcome on the Tingwa Safari where you may catch up with a herd of elephant you have been tracking, or for more competent riders we offer an Explorer Safari where you will travel deeper in the heart of the wilderness sleeping out rough carrying your own food (with wine for dinner, of course!) Non-riders are welcome with a choice of guided walks into the wilderness, a visit to the Tengenenge Sculpture community or a refreshing swim in a nearby waterfall to keep them busy.

Tingwa Valley Safari (4 - 6 nights)

You are on a fine steed amidst spectacular mountain scenery, surrounded by the wild without another tourist in sight or sign of civilisation. Most people say it’s the best trip they have ever been on.

The day starts with a leisurely breakfast, stop in a beautiful place for mid morning tea, followed by a longish lunch normally at a spectacular swimming hole to rest the horses and yourselves. You arrive into camp in time for sundowners and a hot shower before dinner. Good food, comfort, not too much hard riding and the opportunity to learn about the unique flora and fauna of the Mountains from your professional guide are highlights of this safari.

Day One

Transfer to the Mavuradonha Wilderness normally arriving before lunch. Relax in the comfort of the lodge and get to know your horse with a sundowner ride before dinner.

Day Two

Early morning tea/coffee is served in your room before a full cooked breakfast to stand you in good stead for your day in the saddle. Your route takes you roughly in the direction that the Tingwa river flows but with tracking Elephant and other game, visiting cave paintings swimming in waterfalls and natural pools and having 600 square kilometres to mountainous wilderness to explore means that hardly ever take the same route is taken twice. Lunch is taken somewhere you can swim and sunbathe a little, then reaching your evening rustic camp in time to witness the evening flight of the Bats.

Day Three

Breakfast early before setting off for a day tracking game through the tributaries of the lower Tingwa, Dateema and Mashonjeri Rivers. There is nothing like catching up with a herd of elephant you have been tracking for hours. No guarantee of finding them but that is half the fun and experience of learning about the bush. Return to camp for a second night.

Day Four

Breakfast at about 7.30 before heading out for the return journey. You can decide on the type of terrain you want to ride and how hard or easy it should be. The professional guide will then work out the route with you. Some are mountainous with precipitous paths, some quick and relatively easy. Some are best for Cave Paintings, others meander along rivers lined with tall waterberries beside open vleis. There are many different ways back through the different Valleys ensuring you never take the same path home. Arrive back into the main lodge approx 1630.

Day Five

The five-day safari includes a full days ride out from the lodge with a second night at the lodge. A very popular ride, this day takes you through the African Villages to the West of the Mavuradonhas. Guided by members of our staff who live there you will gain a fascinating insight into the ways of the rural African peoples and get a glimpse of their culture and beliefs.

Explorer Safari (5 - 9 nights)

If you want to experience what it was like for the early explorers sleeping on a mountaintop or on the sandy floor of a cave, this safari is a must for you. You will feel the wind in your face, the proximity of the bush and the calls of the wild all around.

On the Explorer safari you travel deeper in the heart of the wilderness and so for one or two nights you sleep out rough carrying your own food, water (wine for dinner), washing in rivers, a spade for a loo and sleeping on the ground with a mat or grass bed and sleeping bag.

This safari starts the same as the Tingwa Valley but you carry on from the rustic camp and the riding becomes progressively harder the elephant paths narrower and more precipitous as you climb higher into the mountains. You always end up somewhere spectacular to spend the evening: a cave, an ancient Monomatapa fortress, or perched above the world on a mountaintop to watch the moon rise on one side and the sun set on the other.

No set daily itinerary on this safari other than to say that the first and last nights will be spent back at the main lodge, two nights at camp and the remaining nights out rough, deep into the Wilderness. Depending on guests you can either spend two consecutive nights out rough (or more) or head back to the comfort of camp for hot showers after one night rough. You can then proceed on in another direction the next day for another night out rough.

Covering as many kilometres as possible of challenging riding in 4/5 days this Explorers safari is only for experienced confident riders.

Ride Ability: Novice upwards

Suitable for Non-Riders: Yes

Departure Dates: Jan-Dec

Cost: £1200

Single Supplement: Yes

Accommodation: Tented Camp

Meeting Point: Harare

Transfer: Not included

No Hours In Saddle: 6/7

Max Weight: 90kg

Group Size: 2-12

Call us on +44 (0)1256 773564 or email contact@redlandsequestrian.com to check the ride availability and dates, once we have confirmed availability you can download and fill in a booking form:

Each rider in the party must also complete a riding ability questionnaire before we can complete the final confirmation of your holiday booking.

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