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Montana Ranch

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Suitable for: non-riders families

Montana Ranch


This Montana Ranch is one of the oldest continuously operating guest ranches in this canyon and is located just three miles from the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park. Here you'll stay in historic log cabins with their original 1920's charm, complete with wood-burning stoves, rustic wood furniture and private baths. You'll enjoy great meals and pampered attention from ranch hosts who are happy to cater to your every need. So treasured is this place that it's become a tradition among families, individuals and couples over the years.


While staying true to the ranch's 1920's vintage heritage, we're also committed to making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be. Over the years, our ranch has retained every bit of its original charm, but has gradually gained the sweet refinement and gentility that comes only to a place devoted for over four generations to its guests' comfort and pleasure. To be sure, you'll commune with your Old West longings as you relax beside the fire in your historic log cabin, and you'll enjoy hearty meals that hearken back to a bygone era with family and friends in the classic Western lodge. But you'll also appreciate a soak in the hot tub, quiet reflection on the large covered porch, or perhaps a good read in our well-stocked library. You might tickle the ivories of our old piano, play a round of pool or challenge the kids to a little foosball. This is a place where the cookie jar is always full, and the coffee pot is always at the ready. You enjoy, and we do the rest.


No image is more closely tied to the Old West than that of the horse.  There's no substitute for the feeling you get when you head out on horseback into the mountains or the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park. You'll be guided by experienced wranglers who know the Gallatin and Madison ranges, the Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Yellowstone Park very well, from wildflowers to wildlife.

The horses will take very good care of you, too, most of the excellent horses were raised on the ranch, and they know how to ride with everyone from first-timers to experienced hands. When you arrive, you'll be matched with the right horse that's yours for the entire visit ñ then you decide whether the day brings a high-alpine wildflower walk or a lope through open meadows. We'll even give lessons to horse beginners. There's no schedule, and it's all just what suits you but we do take Sundays off from cowboying.


There's no place better than right here in the summertime. You'll start your day with a hearty Montana breakfast, then pursue whatever appeals to you. That might be anything from high-mountain adventure, to the quiet, secluded enjoyment of your own private cabin porch. This precise location offers some of the best horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing and photography, and scenic touring anywhere in the world and it's all right outside your door.
Many people visit specifically for the fly fishing. The ranch is surrounded by some of the best fly fishing waters in the world, including over 120 miles of blue-ribbon water in the Gallatin Canyon alone, plus all the legendary waters of Yellowstone National Park, the famed Madison River and the Henry's Fork. Within these beautiful clear streams, you have a chance to see plentiful rainbows, browns and native cutthroat trout.

Before nightfall, you're summoned to another delicious home-cooked meal in the lodge by the gentle clang of the dinner bell. Then the night is yours for a soak in the hot tub and a view of more stars than you've ever seen before ñ the clear skies and the high elevation give you a unique look at the heavens.



Our pack trips into the stunning backcountry of Yellowstone National Park will take you on the journey of a lifetime.   Departing by horseback, we will climb steep mountain ridges and fjord the cool crystal rivers of Yellowstone. Under the watchful gaze of a cow moose and her calf, we might lope through lush alpine meadows before reaching camp. The campsites are comfortable and picturesque.  You will sleep warm and soundly inside your tent or beneath a blanket of stars.  Let the trickle of the nearby mountain creek lull your senses to sleep.  Then in the morning, be awakened by the warm sun tickling your nose and the smell of freshly brewed coffee on the fire.
Camp is an excellent place to relax and soak up the wonder of God’s Country. Spend your time fishing or exploring the wilds of Yellowstone by horseback.  If you are a writer, bring your journal; if you paint, bring your easel and canvas.  Perhaps you appreciate your surroundings through photography, music or simply reading.  Whatever your pleasure, camp life will clear your mind, invigorate your spirit and provide you with plenty of time to indulge and challenge yourself. 
We maintain our tradition of personal attention to each guest by keeping our pack trips small (no more than six).  You can then enjoy two or more refreshing nights with us in camp.  Experience nature not just away from the city, but in its most raw and most spectacular form: the heart of the wilderness!

First of all, we offer the flexibility of giving our guests the exact experience you are looking for and getting the choice of either a Riding Option as well as a Non-Riding Option-if one person wants to ride the whole time and the other wants to fish. We’re all about what YOU want to do and WHEN you want to do it!

There is no set itinerary on the ranch but here’s what you can expect:

  • An authentic Friday Night Cookout, complete with an open fire where you can learn how the cowboys cook their food. Steaks, buffalo burgers, and sometimes even elk meat are some of the options, but we always provide for vegetarian and non-beef options. We keep a campfire going and toast marshmallows and ‘smores after dinner and maybe we can convince our cook to play his guitar, then maybe Anna will play her violin as well!
  • We’ll teach you how to use a lasso and rope a “dummy steer”. Learn the cowboy way of life!
  • A demonstration on training techniques on young or old horses. Watch the “Horse Whisperer” at work.  He’s also available to provide individual lessons and riding techniques for those who want to advance their skills. He’s an authentic Montana Cowboy, born and raised on a Montana ranch.
  • We are known for our riding program. The rides are endless, as we go into National Forest, Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park. You can ride right from the ranch, or we also trailer to nearby trailheads so you don’t experience the same place twice. We travel in small groups of 4-5 people max, according to riding ability, and follow a loop so you always see something different. You get to participate and decide the type of ride you want that day.
  • Prefer to fish? The Taylors Fork runs right through the ranch and the Gallatin River is just across the way. We are situated in the heart of fly fishing country, and the fishing is fabulous.
  • For those who are interested, we provide Guided Hikes with our crew. They are experienced Wilderness Experts and will show you various wildflowers, animal tracks and scat, and search for the elusive bear, moose, elk and wolves out there.
  • Help out with the chores-even if you don’t ride! We allow our guests to groom horses, feed and water them with our wranglers help, and get to know what it’s like to work on a ranch.
  • Wildlife viewing is always an option, whether by horseback or hiking-but no guarantees.
  • You can always take out the ranch Inner Tubes and float the Taylor’s Fork running right through the ranch, or across the way in the Gallatin River. The water is cold but exhilarating!
  • For the children, there are swings, a playhouse, a horseshoe pit, a Recreation Hall with pool table and foosball, and board games.
  • If you come as a rider, we do overnight Pack Trips into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Yellowstone National Park. It’s a minimum 2 night trip, starting in July, and usually requires intermediate to advanced riders.
  • Every Saturday night our guests get the thrill of a lifetime while they watch the wranglers run our herd up the mountain. It’s an occurrence that makes us unique and allows you an opportunity to experience something like no other.
  • The Ranch is only 3 miles from the NW Boundary of Yellowstone National Park, and 35 miles from the town of West Yellowstone. You can book a guided tour through the Park or tour on your own. In town there is the IMAX Theater, a local Rodeo every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, and tons more.
  • We’re just 15 miles from the town of Big Sky, where you can shop, golf, get a massage, hike Lone Mountain, and tons more.
  • You get three hearty meals per day, served family style in our rustic lodge. Headed out for the day? We’ll pack a hearty lunch for you to take on the road. And we always have cookies in the cookie jar and coffee in the coffee pot.
  • Sore and tired muscles from hiking or riding? Soak in our hot tub and gaze at the stars at night!
  • Free Wifi in the lodge and available in some cabins. We also have a free guest computer for your use in the office.
  • Coin operated Laundromat on premises.
  • Please note there is no cell phone coverage where we are located, but the computer is available for email and we have a guest phone for use.
  • Our cabins are 1920’s vintage, with wood burning stoves, beautiful furniture, comfortable beds and private baths. You’ll love our cabins.

Ride Ability: All

Suitable for Non-Riders: Yes

Departure Dates: June to Sept

Cost: From £495 Adult/£395 Child for 3 nights, Non-

Rider £300 for 3 nights, Child Under 6 Free

Pack Trip: Additional £25per night

Accommodation: meals, maid service, ranch activities Meeting Point: Bozeman or W.Yellowstone

Transfer: £100 or £50 Return

Hours In Saddle: Variable

Max Weight: 110kg

Group Size: 4-6

Call us on +44 (0)1256 773564 or email contact@redlandsequestrian.com to check the ride availability and dates, once we have confirmed availability you can download and fill in a booking form:

Each rider in the party must also complete a riding ability questionnaire before we can complete the final confirmation of your holiday booking.

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