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Mexican Ranch Holiday

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Suitable for: non-riders families

Mexican Ranch Holiday

horse riding holiday mexicoDo you enjoy riding in open, amazingly varied countryside on astounding horses at a pace that fulfils your dreams, but also want the comfort and luxury of your own hotel room and the culinary delights of fine cuisine? Do you imagine yourself relaxing in the sunshine with a cocktail and pampering yourself with a massage? With the beautiful backdrop of traditional Mexican countryside, nestled between gently sloping mountains and overlooking stunning natural waterfalls, this Mexican ranch offers serious equestrians, beginners and non-riders a destination that ticks every box!

horse riding holiday mexicoThe ranch provides a unique riding experience for everyone, anything from a gentle stroll along the lake, cantering up the side of a hill, galloping across open countryside, crossing rivers, swimming with horses in the lake or traversing rocky paths to the top of a mountain. Rides are catered to any riding level and advanced riders can enjoy great faster paced riding, while less experienced riders will go out with a separate guide to ensure that everyone gets the best experience. Rides are organized to be varied and to provide an insight into the local area, giving you a flavour of the different terrain and landscapes of this beautiful part of Mexico.

horse riding holiday mexicoThe ranch, located at 7,500 ft. on a plateau in the mountains just 90 mins North of Mexico City Intl. Airport, is bordered by three waterfalls 'Las Cascadas'! It is made up of several buildings, all in Mexican style, set in beautifully tended gardens. The facilities at the ranch include a lounge and library, a conservatory with guest computer, a well-stocked bar, billiard table and dart board and the heart of any Mexican home, a fabulous open kitchen. Outside, overlooking the waterfalls is the sun terrace, decked with loungers, surrounding a hot tub – the perfect place to unwind. A swimming pool and spa have recently been added to ensure the ultimate relaxing holiday. There are also many other places to discover in the grounds of the ranch, including the cactus garden and hammocks hidden away under the trees. Thanks to its unique geographical location, set on a plateau at an altitude of 7500 feet above sea level and protected by high mountains, the weather conditions are very moderate. The average temperature at midday is in the mid 70’s (around 22ºC).
NEW - Yoga & relaxation

Join the stretching and warm up yoga classes every morning before breakfast at no extra cost. This is a nice way to prepare you for the days ride. 

Once a month we organize special yoga weeks, where you may choose between yoga, riding and cultural tours to sacred places. In the mornings after breakfast there will be a 90 min. class of Yoga or a longer ride and in the afternoon shorter rides or a 60 min. Power Yoga class.

If you are a yoga teacher we can also arrange special packages for you and your students for a weeklong yoga retreat. You bring your yoga class and we take care of the rest!

Accommodation & Dining
The guest rooms are individually decorated in typical Mexican country style. Much attention is given to the finer details creating a seamless combination of comfort and style. All rooms have private en-suite facilities.
A rich and varied breakfast awaits you each morning on the veranda overlooking the valley. Lunch is served under the big oak tree or as a picnic when riding. A gourmet four-course dinner is served each evening in the stylish, rustically-designed dining room you can be assured of great service and attention to detail. horse riding holiday mexico


The Horses The beautiful horses are in excellent shape, easy to ride, sure-footed at every pace and trained to accommodate riders at every skill level from absolute beginner to expert rider.

The corral is located beside the barn and you can spend some time with the horses and help with feeding or grooming whenever you feel like it. After the rides you can treat your horse to a sugar or watch the sunset from the paddock wall.

If you love horses you will fall in love with ours. Each one has its own character and yet is trained to be responsive with any level of rider. The Wranglers work hard to ensure that the horses are always at their best in terms of fitness and training.

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horse riding holiday mexico

An itinerary will be tailor-made for you upon arrival.

A great deal of pride is taken to ensure that whatever length your stay is, your experience leaves you with unforgettable memories. Rides are organised to be varied and to provide an insight into the local area, giving you a flavour of the different terrain and landscapes of this beautiful part of Mexico.

If you fancy a day off riding and wish to see some of Mexico's heritage a number of sight seeing excursions are availabe for an added cost.  A member of the ranch staff will be available to accompany you on these trips.  Please ask us for prices.

Mondays   -   ATLANTES OF TULA   -   half day

Tula, thought to be the most important Toltec site in Mexico gives a great insight into the rich history of this region. The great Atlantes are four huge warriors (remarkable sculptures over 6 m high) in black basalt on a pyramid. This platform is encircled by a low relief frieze depicting jaguars and coyotes, and Tlaloc masks adorn the walls.

Additional to the archeological site you have also time for shopping “Charro” and Western items and to enjoy a fresh fruit ice cream in the “Zocalo” (town square) of the city of Tula.

Tuesdays   -   SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE   -   full day

Many beautiful towns keep you at bay. A traveller can admire, shop, eat, sleep but never break the surface. San Miguel, however, takes you in, befriends you. Here, the town is the thing, the promise of community. The streets and sidewalks are narrow. People talk to each other, engage easily.

Colonial charm and style are here in abundance. The architecture and cobbled streets invite a stroll and the shopping is outstanding.

Wednesdays   -   TEOTIHUACAN   -   half day

Teotihuacán ("teh-oh-tee-wa-KHAN") is an ancient sacred site. The ruins of are among the most remarkable in Mexico and some of the most important ruins in the world. Teotihuacán means "place where gods were born," reflecting the Aztec belief that the gods created the universe here.

Constructed around 300 AD, the holy city is characterized by the vast size of its monuments, carefully laid out on geometric and symbolic principles. Its most monumental structures are the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Pyramid of the Sun (the third-largest pyramid in the world) and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Thursdays   -   TEQUISQUIAPAN   -   full day  (except... see winter special)

Tequisquiapan is another tile of the beautiful Queretaro's mosaic. The town keeps its colonial image, with narrow streets leading into small, and sunny squares. It is also characterized because of its production of excellent wines. In this town you can purchase beautiful handicrafts such as cane, wicker and rattan baskets and jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Fridays   -   WEEKLY MARKET IN JILOTEPEC   -   half day

This small town offers a vast market on a Friday, where you can find everything from chilies and sombreros to live sheep and great food. On the way back, stop at some local ceramic and cloth stores for a bargain.

Saturdays   -   MEXICO CITY   -   full day

Museum of Anthropology - Considered one of the world's finest archaeological museums, the Museo Nacional de Antropología in Mexico City houses a vast collection of artifacts in 23 exhibition halls. Its most famous exhibit is the Aztec sun stone, a cosmological calendar.

Other major highlights include a replica of the Aztec ruler Moctezuma's feathered headdress (the original is in Vienna); a stela from Tula, near Mexico City; massive Olmec heads from Veracruz; and vivid reproductions of Maya murals in a reconstructed temple.


MERCADO at SAN ANGEL - One of those places that will stay in your mind for long time.  This setting is as close as you are likely to get to the colonial neighborhoods of Old México.  Shaded plazas, narrow winding streets paved in cobblestone and walls of ancient stone covered with multi-colored bougainvillea all seem to etch a spot in your heart. The Saturday market is famous for quality art work, handicrafts and pottery.


The history of the Jesuits in Mexico is brought to life at this old monastery. On a Sunday, the arts and crafts market is vibrant and colorful and offers an opportunity to buy some great souvenirs.

WINTER SPECIAL (November 15th - March 31st) suppl. USD 90 per person

Thursdays   -   MONARCH BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY   -   full day

2012 prices:

8 days, 7 nights, full board, £1,050pp (riders)/£717pp (non-rider)

15 days, 14 nights, full board, £1,932pp (riders)/£1,440 (non-rider)

Children 12 years or less in a room sharing with two full paying adults - 20% discount.  A second child in the same room - 50% discount

Christmas, New Year & Easter plus 20%

2012 dates: year round

Single Supplement: 20% if not willing to share

Includes: standard room, full board

Not Included: Flights and Travel Insurance, wine with meals

Meeting Point: Mexico City Airport only 90 minutes south of the ranch.

Indicative flight price: London to Mexico City £535 - £1100pp return depending on time of year

Transfer: $45 pp (each way) to be paid in cash on arrival and departure. Car hire not recommended if you are staying purely at the ranch as driving around Mexico City is not for the feint hearted!

Hours In Saddle: Variable

Max Weight: 100kg

Group Size: Variable

Suitable for non-riders: Yes

Call us on +44 (0)1225 000000 or email contact@redlandsequestrian.com to check the ride availability and dates, once we have confirmed availability you can download and fill in a booking form:

Each rider in the party must also complete a riding ability questionnaire before we can complete the final confirmation of your holiday booking.

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