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The Redlands team have been working for some years to bring you incredible India rides, each will give you an amazing insight into the peaceful and purposeful world of rural Rajasthan. On this ideal winter break from October to March you will be absorbed into the peaceful way of life, the history, culture and spirituality and delighted by the cuisine.

All the riding options in India are centred around the Marwari horses. This native breed to India is beautiful, fine and sensitive. It is distinguished with ears that almost join at the tip. In terms of riding, they are light with smooth paces that glide across the desert sand. They are curious and share some characteristics and behaviour of the Arab horse, intermediate riders will enjoy this sensitive and responsive horse ridden in English tack.

Indian Woman Horse Riding holiday in India AsiaWe have conducted extensive research, tested stringently elements and aspects of the holidays all over India, from horses, transport, excursions, accomodations and food; fully absorbing ourselves in India to bring back only the perfect elements for you. We have many handy tips to make your trip as smooth as possible. With an amazing ground handling team in India and extensive knowledge we can arrange a fabulous spectrum of extensions from Yoga and Spa retreats in Kerela, to the magnificent sights of Agar, Jaipur or Udaipur.

Just call the Redlands team on 01225 000000 the Directors will be pleased to assist in planning your trip.

A Taste Of India, Rural Rajasthan

We are pleased to bring you incredible riding in rural Rajasthan India. Pure-bred Indian Marwari horses with ear tips that touch, are forward going, light and responsive ridden English style. with exceptional luxurious accommodation.

Incredible India

This safari across rural Rajasthan gives a fascinating insight into the people, culture and cuisine of India. You ride pure-bred Indian Marwari horses; with ear tips that touch, they are forward going, light and responsive and ridden English style.

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